Truth in advertising has never been for the Auto Industry, right? Starting in January 2014, Auto Dealers will need to clean up their act, when it comes to ALL advertising. A nationwide enforcement sweep is underway and it will be focused on TV, newspaper, and online claims about sales, financing and leasing. Here are 8 […]

Autoshopper.com Proudly Sponsors UFC Fighters

Showcase Media (Autoshopper.com) is proud to sponsor 5 UFC fighters! With an upcoming fight on Fox Network TV airing this Saturday Night, December 14 @ 8 p.m. Autoshopper.com is excited to showcase their name and all our customers who support them by buying their suite of media  products.   Featured in this fight are 3 fighters: Edson Barboza, Abel Trujillo, and Zach […]

Is your Dealership Ready For The Craigslist Changes?

Inventory Management and Marketing Tools for Car Dealers. www.e-autopilot.com As you may or may not be aware, craigslist (CL) has announced one of the more sweeping changes in their history. CL will start charging $5.00 per vehicle ad in their ‘Cars and Trucks by dealer’ category starting December 3rd. This is a change for ALL […]

Craigslist now charging by the ad.. What does it mean to my dealership?

Craigslist (CL) has announced one of the more sweeping changes in their history. CL will start charging $5.00 per vehicle ad in their ‘Cars and Trucks by dealer’ category starting December 3rd. This is a change for ALL auto dealers and does not affect other categories like consumer auto sales, RVs, Power sports, etc. Against conventional […]

Craigslist Posts.. Unlock the Mystery

  Craigslist is an online revolution that began in 1955. Founder Craig Newmark set a new trend in the world of Classified Advertising. In what started as an email list for the San Francisco and The Bay Area events, has rapidly expanded. In 2000 they expanded to major metropolitan cities. Today Craigslist covers over 700 […]

The Champion Sales manager of 2014 – New Years Resolution

The Champion focuses on the ability to manage the high-performing salespeople —who have strong personalities and are now socially aggressive, including the ability to coach and mentor them into higher success. There is mentality that still exists in Sales Mangers that is hurting dealership sales, and it is Industry wide.  There is a sea of […]

How To Shoot Better Photos Of Your Inventory

Taking snapshots with a digital camera is Childs play these days, point and shoot with very little thought or interaction from the person clicking the shutter–sounds easy right? Well if you fail to use some common sense while photographing your car to put up on your website for sale, you will miss the mark by […]

How to Post Successfully to Classifed Media without Getting Flagged

Autopilot launched Zoompost 2.0, its new version of Classifed Posting tool, to existing clients, as a result dealers listings online have tripled, with flagging becoming a thing of the past. There are many performance improvements that have rolled out in the last month, such as 50 different randomized title and templates, taking the flagging rate […]

Bumped and Bruised But Never Out!

Toms River, NJ – Despite the enormous devastation of Super Storm Sandy and all the bumps, bruises and damage inflicted by it, Showcase Media has kept going. Hurricane Sandy made landfall in the United States approximately 8 p.m. EST Oct. 29, 2012 striking near Atlantic City, N.J. with westerly winds of 80 mph, and a […]

Gen y Aversion to Cars: Will Affect Millions Of Businesses

  Generation Y’s indifference to the automobile is going to affect millions of businesses.   It’s not Gen Y’s fault that they don’t give a whit about cars. If you’re living in your parent’s basement with no job, buying a car isn’t at the top of your to-do list. If you’re flipping burgers for a […]