Lead Activity

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Quick Response
Generating leads is only half the battle. If you aren’t able to convert your leads to sales, then what’s the point of collecting leads in the first place? That’s why AutoPilot is loaded up with a robust set of lead management tools.

Each lead generated through AutoPilot is fully traceable, providing a measurable ROI every month.

Call Tracking
Tracking telephone numbers are assigned to your Classified Ads, allowing you to track phone conversions across advertising portals. Calls to these numbers are routed through our call-tracking system and ring to any existing phone line, without any changes to your existing phone system or service.

Our system uses these tracking numbers in each ad posted to classified sites and logs each caller using Caller ID which then captures the name and phone number of all calls generated from the
classified ads, while simultaneously matching it up with the vehicle in your inventory and identifies the advertising portal.

Call Review
Proper handling of the phone calls is an important part of any successful sale. Our advanced call tracking system will record each call which your sales team can use to catch key information they might have missed during the live conversation. The recordings can also be used as an effective tool for reviewing and training your sales force or review by management to ensure each lead is handled thoroughly.

CRM Integration
Already have a CRM? AutoPilot can send all email leads with
customer and vehicle details to your CRM system in the industry standard ADF format.

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