Live Chat Service


Increase Leads Without Spending More To Improve Site Traffic
Every year, dealers spend millions driving traffic to their websites. Smart dealers are beginning to realize that more emphasis should be placed on converting these valuable visitors into leads and sales. The average conversion rate for most dealer websites is less than 2%. The remaining 98% represents a huge missed opportunity, especially since leads generated from a dealer’s own website have the highest closing ratio.

Our Live Chat Service Changes Your Static Website From Informational To Conversational
We have developed a cost effective way to convert more of your existing website traffic into leads. Why spend more to increase traffic when you can convert a higher percentage of the thousands of visitors you already have?

We Have A Proven Way To Convert Visitors Into Quality Leads
Our approach is very similar to your car dealerships approach. You can promptly greet and welcome all visitors, build rapport, and answer product specification queries while getting the important information needed for your staff to close the sale. The sales process and correct execution are important aspects for your dealership to sell cars. The same is true with your online visitors. The correct live chat process and execution is the key to increasing lead conversion from your website. We have proven scripts, from tens of thousands of chats to deploy at just the right time to capture the lead. Research shows that over 40% of your site visitors will purchase a vehicle within 30 days. The more leads you capture from your website traffic, the more cars you will sell. Our proactive live chat solution can improve your current website traffic conversion rate by as much as 60%.