New Way to Window Shop

Car buyers shop for cars when it’s convenient for them. That doesn’t always coincide with your dealerships hours. After hours shoppers have to rely on a window sticker to provide all the information they seek before buying a car. The problem is that today’s auto shoppers want all the information and they want it now, if you can’t provide it, the guy down the street will, and most likely you will lose a customer.

A window sticker can’t deliver a rich media experience, but the internet can make it as easy as possible for buyers to get the info they need as quickly as possible. How do you bridge the gap between a boring piece of paper affixed to your car window and a media experience worthy of the millions of Smartphone toting car buyers? QR codes—we see them every day in advertisements, magazines, newspapers, billboards, flyers and on retail shelves across the country, so why not on your window sticker?

A window sticker that has a QR code pre-printed will take customers to an enhanced mobile site complete with videos, features, and reviews is the easiest way to engage your after hours browsers— from their customers can read all the details about the car, bookmark the vehicle for later review or email to a friend, making your window stickers a viable channel to funnel traffic to your dealerships website.

There is virtually no limit to the ways in which you might make excellent use of this technology to successfully market your vehicles to tech savvy shoppers. That is why when developed AutoPilot—our suite of tools for the management of your dealerships online presence and marketing, we made sure to include this powerful little one dimensional square on our window stickers to help convert after hours shoppers into legitimate web leads.

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